Do you need to submit a Voluntary Disclosure?

HMRC have been ramping up their investigative efforts over recent months and are now collaborating with well over 90 other countries to uncover tax liabilities from trading, offshore investments and personal finances. 

Typically, their scrutiny includes values of investments or financial interests, linked businesses and accounts, values and balances of accounts and taxable incomes. >>MORE

Voluntary Disclosure is an opportunity for you to give HMRC your own prepared information on any potential liabilities, arising from international or domestic activities, ahead of any formal approach by them.

It’s actually a valuable opportunity to bring your international tax affairs up to date and has the additional benefit of the peace of mind that you should be fully compliant and won’t be afraid of a future approach by HMRC. >>MORE


How Can Fairtax Help?

We can help you prepare and submit your voluntary disclosure. It will be fully checked and verified by a tax specialist, we will look at any omissions, mistakes, incorrect entries and calculate what is due accurately and diligently on your behalf. >>MORE

We’ll also ensure that you are better prepared for any general tax investigation, relating to wider aspects of your financial affairs, so that these are compliant and will withstand even detailed scrutiny. >>MORE

Relax knowing that your financial affairs are in order, so you don’t have to worry about a future contact from HMRC about your financial matters. We have a successful track record, helping 000’s of business owners.


If you would like more information on making a voluntary disclosure, or general advice on your international or domestic tax arrangements, we’re here to help. Call our confidential tax helpline now on 0333 577 1940, or email us at



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