Lifestyle, is about having the right team looking after things at home

Whilst tax may be the last thing on your mind as you’re tackling foreign slopes, it can bring peace of mind to know that your matters are being professionally managed, wherever you are in the world…

At Fairtax, our private client expertise spans some seventy plus years. We help you to optimise your wealth, by putting in place effective tax strategies to enable you to reduce the amount of tax you pay. Learn More>>

Grow your wealth. Navigate the twists
and turns of tax with ease

We can help with tax services, tailored to your specific goals and aspirations. Just some of our services include:-

  • Maximising Entrepreneurs Relief, avoiding pitfalls >>
  • Mitigation of potential Inheritance Tax liabilities >>
  • Use of family and protective trusts >>
  • Inheritance Tax Planning >>
  • Residence and Domicile advice >>
  • Tax Compliance and Self-Assessment >>

Be assured, you are in good company…

At Fairtax, we handle the private client wealth and tax matters across a wide spectrum of client backgrounds, from professional sportsmen and women, to celebrities, entrepreneurs, owner managers, legal and medical professionals and many other fields of expertise or experience. Learn More>>

We’ll always handle your business with the level of professional acumen and discretion that we know is rightly expected of us.

If you’re looking to the future, creating and managing your wealth while skilfully managing your tax, we’d be delighted to tell you all the ways we can help.

Contact Stephen Elliott, or Patrick Morris now on 0333 577 1940,
or email here to arrange an informal initial discussion

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