HMRC are increasingly looking into ever more areas of your business activities to investigate and uncover tax liabilities and potential evasion.

It’s Connect database mining system has also widened its tax enquiry capabilities into wider scope such as property, inheritance and overseas transactions.

HM Revenue & Customs have confirmed recently, that one in ten small businesses is under investigation at any one time in the UK, adding up to over half a million businesses and rising.

For many honest, hardworking business owners, a tax investigation can be a very stressful experience and involve substantial time away from running your business, trying to assimilate records and data to substantiate your case.

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What can be done?

The key to successfully dealing with a HMRC tax investigation is preparation and forward planning, preferably before any investigation is launched.

Ensuring full compliance and accurate historical records that will survive detailed scrutiny is essential.

As you would expect, as tax advisers, we strongly recommend your business getting expert advice on your tax matters and quickly uncovering where any potential vulmerabilities lie.

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What if i’ve been notified I’m under investigation?

Having notification of a pending investigation or dispute from HMRC (or already having a case in motion) doesn’t mean it’s too late to take professional advice and necessary action.

We are here to help you at every stage. We can help to alleviate the stress of an investigation, whilst seeking to negotiate the best possible result on your behalf.

Fairtax have an excellent track record of limiting liabilities and protecting your assets, whilst ensuring full disclosure and compliance within the law.

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