Cross Border

If your company trades internationally you can benefit from our international tax advisory services. At Fairtax we provide invaluable cross-border advice and can help you to navigate cross-border complexities. Our UK Trade & Investment accredited team  team advise a wide range of clients across multiple sectors on tax administration and reporting, controlling their worldwide costs.

Our cross border taxation services include:

  • Advice on maintaining an efficient tax structure for your international business
  • Double tax treaty guidance
  • Monitoring implementation of BEPS and helping you to respond
  • Publication of Tax Strategy
  • Managing your worldwide tax reporting obligations, including Country by Country reporting
  • Corporate Interest Restrictions regime
  • Transfer pricing
  • Avoidance of double taxation of business profits and cash repatriation
  • Cross border employment


Speak with us today; we aim to deliver integrated advice to reduce your worldwide tax burden.