Cross Border & Brexit Advice / planning

If your company trades internationally you can benefit from our international tax advisory services. At Fairtax we provide invaluable cross-border advice and can help you to navigate cross-border complexities. Our UK Trade & Investment accredited team  team advise a wide range of clients across multiple sectors on tax administration and reporting, controlling their worldwide costs.

Brexit and No Deal

Are you ready for the implications of Brexit and the ever more likely outcome of No Deal?

At Fairtax, we can guide you to your best tax and wealth scenarios to protect your assets whatever the political outcome on the 31st of October. Although many of the implications are still in flux and the situation is changing by the day, it is still possible to plan ahead and make the best provision with the information available.

A No Deal Brexit may have an impact on many import tarriffs, for example,  car buyers having to find an additional £1500 on the price of a typical family car under No Deal.  New VAT and customs procedures will further affect many businesses with many implications for the transfer of goods between the UK and EU and other neighbouring countries.

Our cross border taxation services include:


  • Advice on maintaining an efficient tax structure for your international business
  • Double tax treaty guidance
  • Brexit and No Deal preparation/ tax strategy
  • Monitoring implementation of BEPS and helping you to respond
  • Publication of Tax Strategy
  • Managing your worldwide tax reporting obligations, including Country by Country reporting
  • Corporate Interest Restrictions regime
  • Transfer pricing
  • Avoidance of double taxation of business profits and cash repatriation
  • Cross border employment


At Fairtax we aim to deliver integrated advice to reduce your worldwide tax burden. Being cross border tax experts, able to help you to plan for No Deal and ensure your personal and business tax matters are in order, with full provision for a No Deal exit.

In the scenario of a deal being agreed with the EU, or a further delay, or even a General Election, we can help you to optimise your taxes and maximise your opportunities for protection and growth, we cover all eventualities for you.

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