Tax Investigations (specialist investigations, Code of Practice 9 (COP9) Investigations, aspect enquiries & employer compliance reviews)

There are many factors that can trigger a tax investigation including inaccurate returns, submitting late returns, problems with late payments, your business operating in a high-risk industry, or entirely at random. The employment by HMRC of its Connect database mining system has also widened its tax enquiry capabilities.

Whether an aspect enquiry or specialist investigation involving serious tax fraud, at Fairtax our tax specialists have a high level of experience , helping to alleviate the stress of an investigation whilst seeking to  negotiate the best possible result. Dealing with tax enquiries raised into the affairs of individuals, partnerships, corporates and trusts our tax investigation services will be based on your exact circumstances.

Our services include:

  • Negotiations with HMRC including Litigations and Settlement Strategy (LSS)
  • Preparation of disclosure reports
  • Preparation for appeal hearings
  • Working together to achieve a settlement
  • Dealing with conflicts with HMRC and negotiating tax penalties
  • Management of follower notices and accelerated payment notices
  • Negotiation of time to pay agreements
  • Managing HMRC Employer Compliance Reviews, including PAYE and VAT health checks

Our tax experts are here to help and can provide specialist tax investigation advice ensuring you achieve the best possible financial settlement. Contact us today.


Code of Practice 9 (COP 9) Investigations

A COP 9 investigation can be complex and stressful.

COP 9 investigations are initiated by HMRC where they believe that a serious tax fraud has been committed or tax liabilities have been deliberately avoided.

Under the COP 9 process a one-time opportunity is typically given for a full disclosure to be made using what is known as the Contractual Disclosure Facility (CDF), potentially avoiding escalation to a full criminal investigation. We can assist with the preparation of your case and formulating a CDF disclosure.

Our experienced team have an excellent record in managing such investigations to agreeable outcomes which include mitigation of tax and penalty loadings. It is important that our intervention is sought early so that we have the time to assimilate the necessary information to help you in your case.

Alternatively, if an ongoing COP 9 investigation appears to be heading in the wrong direction we are happy to offer a new perspective with a view to resolving an impasse and reaching a satisfactory settlement with HMRC which may include the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.


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