Acquisitions & Disposals

At Fairtax we are committed to professional excellence and have the vision to help you achieve your commercial aims. Whether part of your businesses growth strategy, or exit plan, we understand each business and circumstance is unique and can advise and support throughout all stages of the completion process.

Adding value to your acquisition or sale our services include:

  • Initial and ongoing financial analysis to support business aspirations
  • Due diligence and business/share valuation assessment
  • Pre-sale tax structuring including tax clearances
  • Accessing Entrepreneurs’ relief
  • Negotiations
  • Process co-ordination
  • Advising on tax warranties & indemnities
  • Recovery and minimisation of VAT on deal fees

With our years of experience in managing complex business acquisitions and disposals, we seek to identify tax efficiencies, optimising the outcome for you and your business. To find out more, speak with one of our consultants today…



There are many reasons to restructure a company, whether to increase economic or operational efficiency, raise finance, strengthen the group, focus on core activities, prepare for a sale of core or non-core aspects, or following an acquisition. If you’re considering the implications of re-organising your existing group structure, at Fairtax we can assess and advise you on the most efficient arrangement that minimises tax consequences and allows you to take full advantage of reliefs.

Our services cover:

  • Recommendation of tax structure alternatives
  • Advising on the reliefs available in relation to a potential restructure, generating tax efficiencies and savings
  • Ensuring compliance and managing HMRC tax clearance procedures

Reorganising can be a valuable way of diversifying your company, splitting core and non-core activities, as well as also capturing valuable tax reliefs, usually through a demerger process, that may not otherwise be available. Our experts have years of experience and will help you to choose the best option, delivering the maximum benefit and working to increase the value of your business.

To understand more about how your business can benefit from a restructure, speak with one of our consultants today…



Whether an acquisition, disposal, financial restructuring or demerger, at Fairtax our professional consultants provide a complete range of transaction tax services. With our expert tax advice we can plan for and guide you through each stage of your transaction, from initial planning to post deal implementation. Our consultants will help you to understand all risks and opportunities, ensuring you achieve your commercial vision and maximising your returns.

Adding value to all transactions, our comprehensive range of services will:

  • Define the most effective tax structure to achieve your commercial objectives
  • Act on your behalf when consulting with tax authorities
  • Ensure you benefit from all tax opportunities for your specific industry
  • Optimise relief on acquisitions
  • Reduce tax on disposals
  • Ensure compliance
  • Achieve the best possible returns

As every transaction has tax implications and every business has its own profile, efficient tax planning and implementation with Fairtax will ensure you achieve distinct improvements to your bottom line. To find out more, speak with one of our consultants today…